Unlock Locked Features in Windows 7 M3

Microsoft has locked some of the upcoming features in the Windows 7 release that they distributed among attendees of the Professional Developers Conference 08 in Los Angeles. The build has made its way on various P2P sites shortly thereafter and is now in the hands of thousands of additional users who downloaded it from there. Features came to light shortly after the end of the conference that had been locked by Microsoft. Unlocking those features involved fiddling around with the command line which is not to everyone’s liking.

The Blue Badge tool changes and simplifies the process. Rafael Rivera created the tool over at Within Windows. The 32-bit edition of the software program is already available while the 64-bit edition is expected to be released tomorrow. A total of nine files will be patched by the tool. Please note that the files will not be backed up before applying the patches. Make sure to back them up before applying the patches. Here is the file list:

  • WindowsExplorer.exe
  • WindowsSystem32wisptis.exe
  • WindowsSystem32ieframe.dll
  • WindowsSystem32shell32.dll
  • WindowsSystem32stobject.dll
  • WindowsSystem32TabletPC.cpl
  • WindowsSystem32themecpl.dll
  • WindowsSystem32themeui.dll
  • WindowsSystem32powercfg.cpl

It should also be noted that the patch is compatible with previously patched versions.

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2 Responses to Unlock Locked Features in Windows 7 M3

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  2. Anonymous March 17, 2010 at 5:18 pm #

    Will this work with starter edition?

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