Free Windows 7 Upgrade Program

You might have read our article about the Windows 7 Tech Guarantee Program back in November which basically stated that Windows Vista users might receive a free Windows 7 upgrade depending on the time of their purchase. Some new information came to light that have not been confirmed yet by Microsoft.

Techarp, a technology website, has listed the requirements for receiving a free Windows 7 upgrade. They do mention that the program is optional meaning that not all OEMs might participate.

A new PC has to be purchased between July 1, 2009 and a date that has not been announced yet. A pre-installed version of either Windows Vista Home Premium, Windows Vista Business or Windows Vista Ultimate has to be supplied with the PC that must have a valid Certificate of Authenticity (COA) attached.

The upgrade paths are straightforward:

  1. Windows Vista Home Premium -> Windows 7 Home Premium
  2. Windows Vista Business -> Windows 7 Professional
  3. Windows Vista Ultimate -> Windows 7 Ultimate

More news and the latest information in our Windows 7 Forum.

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