Window 7 DirectAccess and BranchCache Will Improve Access For Remote Workers

As a home worker, two new features in Windows 7 look promising. DirectAccess and BranchCache will improve the lot of homeworkers by making it easier for them to connect to and access work networks.

DirectAccess utilises IPv6-over-IPsec to encrypt comms over the internet between remote workers and the DirectAccess server. This will provide an alternative to VPNs i.e. remove the need for annoying authentication keyfobs/RSA SecurID tokens that have to be carried everywhere. To support DirectAccess Windows Server 2008 needs to be installed.


BranchCache overs the potential of being able to access large files stored on servers much faster. If one user at a branch or office downloads a file off a server, then it is cached on a BranchCache server. If any other users at that office request the same file, then it is downloaded from the cache rather than via the internet, which should be much faster.

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One Response to Window 7 DirectAccess and BranchCache Will Improve Access For Remote Workers

  1. Eric Taneda July 29, 2009 at 2:20 am #

    For people who can’t wait to try or start using this kind of always-connected capability, you can use a program called VPN Dialer 2009 which is widely available just by looking for it on any search engine. It is not a direct equivalent, but it does allow setting up a persistent VPN link from Windows XP/Vista to any RRAS server using a standard VPN user account over IPv4, and keeps it connected even when no user is logged on, for as long as the remote system has power and Internet access.

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