Windows 7: Which Protection Should I Use?

There are both positives and negatives to using antivirus programs. Many users will argue that it’s not worth the loss of performance to have constantly-running antivirus protection. However, anyone who has ever been struck by a computer infection knows the worth of a program that protects.  There are numerous options for users as to which program to use and it often comes down to preference. Microsoft has recently released a list of those who are fully compatible with the new OS and a few that are in working betas. Here is a short list of the “popular” options available that are known to work with Windows 7:

Norton– Norton antivirus is one of the popular choices for pc protection. Now fully compatible with Windows 7, Norton will offer a host of different protections, including anti-spyware protection. Norton is very respected and proven, even those with an elementary knowledge of computers have heard of the brand. You may be overwhelmed by the amount of different options that can be available with the full version of Norton’s protection.

      Pros: Proven product, A large variety of protection options

      Cons: Cost, Is known for hogging system resources

AVG – Thought widely as one of the best free virus protection software suites, AVG has always been respected as being a comprehensive package in virus protection. AVG has a very easy-to-use interface and offers plenty of protection options for free that most other vendors would charge for. Usually when someone asks me to recommend an antivirus program, I’ll say AVG, because of the price tag (or lack thereof) and protection that it offers.

      Pros: Free for home users, removes viruses automatically

      Cons: Protection against spyware, Adware and Trojan horses could be better

Avast – Another free product that is compatible with Windows 7, Avast is often compared to AVG because of its protection options minus the cost. One main complaint from Avast users is the lack of a scan scheduler, which is an option in the premium edition, but you will have to pay for the upgrade.

      Pros: Free for personal use,

      Cons: Lacks scheduler unless the full version is purchased

Kapersky– Kapersky Anti-Virus is a well-known and equally respected suite that has a lot to offer the user. It is listed as being fully compatible with Windows 7. The interface is very simple and does an excellent job of cleaning your system of problems. The main drawback is its price.

      Pros: Very good protection

      Cons: Pricey, lacks firewall protection

Avira Antivir– Making a name for itself in the “free protection” circles, Avira Antivir is an efficient, quick solution and uses very little resources to run. If you are looking for an excellent antivirus program with many options for no cost, Antivir could be your solution.

      Pros: Free protection, Very light on system resources

      Cons: You will be asked to upgrade over and over

To view a list of Virus solutions that are recommended by Microsoft, you can click on the Action Center icon in the taskbar and select Find an antivirus program online (important):

Action Center

Action Center

Anti-Virus Options

Anti-Virus Options

An Antivirus solution is only as good as its definitions, so no matter which solution you use, remember to update your definitions regularly. If there are any Antivirus solutions that you use that you have found just as good or better than the ones recommended by Microsoft, let us know below.

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38 Responses to Windows 7: Which Protection Should I Use?

  1. tinwheeler September 28, 2009 at 8:31 am #

    No mention of Comodo? Easy to use , very stable, very unobtrusive, lots of presets & easy on resources.

  2. Anonymous September 28, 2009 at 11:00 am #

    Definitely NOD32 or MSE, neither of which are mentioned in the article. 🙁

  3. Anonymous September 28, 2009 at 4:02 pm #

    I don’t know what your all talking about when it comes to Kaspersky… It’s fully compatible with Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP!!! I own it, run it on 6 computers… 64bit NO PROBLEM!!! 32bit No Problem!!!

    Who said lacks Firewall Protection!!! Better firewall then TrendMicro, McAfee or Norton… but it seems like everyone’s results are based on PRICE and not the quality/security of product!!!

    Nothing worse then statements based on cheapness… If you can’t afford a program or an OS, you shouldn’t be leaving comments… And if you think an Internet Security Suite is excellent because you were able to find a crack/keygen online to activate the product… what does that tell you about the product… IT’S CRAP!!!

    If a hacker can bypass activation… what else can they bypass??? DUH!!!

    Kaspersky uses no more then 2-4mb of ram when it’s doing a FULL SCAN!!! I like to see the others use less resources then that!!! I have owned over the years McAfee, TrendMicro, Norton, and countless others… and when it comes to running a full scan, everyone besides Kaspersky uses 15mb++… Nothing worse then a resource hog!!!

    The difference is: 25mins to do full scan with Kaspersky vs. OTHERS who take hours to complete a full scan…

    Other than that KIS 2010 is smooth, easy to use and setup, uses little resources, automatically updates every hour and has other nice Internet Tools packaged into the product like SANDBOX… which creates a virtual copy of your BROWSER and runs that instead, so if your catch something… it’s only in that virtual copy and not on your physical host computer…

    Give Kaspersky another try and really check it out based upon SECURITY, USER FRIENDLY, LIMITED RESOURCES USED, and PROTECTION… not based upon Price!!!

    I don’t mind paying extra for protection if it really protects… nothing worse then your Internet Suite showing you it’s icon next to the clock (making you think its active and running) but it’s really de-activated in the background thanks to something you downloaded and installed that turned it off without your knowledge… which Norton, McAfee and TrendMicro are notorious for crapping out or being hijacked… why I cancelled my accounts with there crappy software!!!

    Oh yeah, and a tip for all Kaspersky Users!!! When using the latest 2010 Edition, make sure you go into the firewall properties and allow your local network as TRUSTED, and make sure you ALLOW all the networking adapters/protocols you use as TRUSTED… that will fix any networking problems that might arise when you upgrade from KIS 2009 or KIS 2010… who says that it lacks firewall… LOL

  4. g September 28, 2009 at 10:26 pm #

    As a Win7 user, I use Avira free. There is a simple workaround for getting rid of the splash screen that reminds you to upgrade. I have the prescription on my website. Avira is too good not to use!

    I’ve been using the Win7 RC since may and so far (knock on wood), no viruses/malware/rogues and NO CRASHES!! Win7 is awesome. I completely skipped Vista.

  5. NodAbler September 29, 2009 at 3:10 am #

    ESET Nod32 or Smart Security is the way to go. 🙂

  6. J October 1, 2009 at 7:06 pm #

    NOD32 is the best antivirus available.
    It beats all competition at everything.

  7. my security shield virus December 22, 2011 at 11:08 pm #

    Avast is quite good.

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