A Closer Look at: Windows 7 Mobility Center

The Mobility Center in Windows 7 was first seen in Windows Vista and is very handy for accessing settings that used to be buried deep in Windows XP. By pressing the Windows Key + X you can quickly bring up the mobility center. Here you will be able to view your settings for various aspects of your Notebook, Netbook or Tablet.

mobility center

Display Brightness:

Quickly and easily adjust the brightness of your display by moving the slider up and down. Clicking on the brightness image will bring you to the brightness options for your current power plan.



Simply sliding the bar up and down will change the volume levels, or mute. Clicking on the Speaker icon will display your various audio options.


Battery Status:

Lets you see how much battery power you have left and also allows you to change your power plan from the drop down list. Clicking on the battery icon brings you to more advanced power settings.

battery2Wireless Network:

It used to be so difficult trying to find out where you can connect to your wireless network or how to change its settings. Now you can easily view what network your connected to by clicking the signal bars and you can easily turn off your wireless adapter at the press of a button.

External Display:

You can easily view a connected external display or set one up. Clicking on Connect Display will allow you to connect to a duplicate screen, extend screen or a projector only. This feature can also be accessed by Windows + P. Clicking on the monitor button will give you access to more display settings such as resolution and orientation.externaldisplay

Sync Partnerships:

A sync partnership can be set up to transfer data and information to something automatically. For example you may automatically sync all your new music to an MP3 player every time you plug it in. This allows you to see what partnerships ( if any ) you have set up and easy access to their settings.

Presentation Settings:

This allows you to quickly turn on presentation mode. In this mode, the computer will stay awake, notifications are disabled and you can also have a preset background, sound and have the screen saver turn off automatically. A very handy feature when you have to give that important presentation. You can easily change the settings as well by clicking on the projector.presentation mode

Screen Rotation:

The final settings are for screen rotation. This isn’t shown in my screenshots as its only available for Tablet PC’s for changing from portrait to landscapes and vice versa.

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