Microsoft pushing for ‘green-lit’ Windows 7 Applications

Program compatibility in Windows 7 is significantly improved over Windows Vista and aided further by the support for XP Mode, a virtual machine running programs in Windows XP on your Windows 7 desktop.

The problem with XP mode though is that it requires hardware virtualisation support on the motherboard, and a great many business PCs simply don’t have support for this.

To aid with this Microsoft have been providing developers with all the help and support they can to get their software compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 7 Server, and have been sending out a series of Green Light emails to partners.


They’ve launched the ISV Application Compatibility Centre with tools and support aplenty.  They are also making it much easier for companies to get their software ‘certified’ to work with Windows 7.

In addition they’ve also set up teams of programmers to work with software houses who are experiencing difficulties in getting their software compatible with Windows 7.  They’ve also been offering incentives such as prizes for companies that make the October 22nd deadline or even beat it.

In reality there’s very little software that would be affected by this, and most of it will be bespoke applications used exclusively by big business.  Until those applications either fully work in Windows 7, or can be replaced by ones that do, those companies will simply stick with Windows XP.  I doubt they’ll worry too much about this either as they don’t traditionally make the move to a new operating system until the first service pack comes out about a year after its release.


Hopefully this will all make a difference to us, the end user.  One of the problems however is that software development can be a lengthy and expensive business and some companies simply don’t have the funds to be able to delve into this the way they would like to.

This is probably why Microsoft’s focus on the ‘green light’ project is to…

Stay ahead of the competition, win new business and keep your customers satisfied

Sounds good enough to me!  Microsoft has certainly been pushing hard in this space to get companies to migrate both their software and their business PCs to Windows 7 and it’s easy to see the benefits in doing so.

It’s good though that it’s not just words but that they are also backing this initiative up with legions of helpful support personnel.

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