Using Windows Easy Transfer

What is Windows Easy Transfer?

Windows Easy Transfer is a software wizard that allows you to transfer files and settings from one computer to another. Unfortunately, you cannot transfer programs only program settings.

Windows Easy Transfer is available in Windows Vista as well as Windows 7. The Windows Vista is slightly different from the Windows 7 version though its purpose remains the same.

Two versions of Windows Easy Transfer

Before performing a “Clean Install” of Windows 7 Home Premium on my home computer, I saved my files and folders using Windows Easy Transfer. I was able to copy this data onto a portable hard drive. While it was possible to copy files and settings to my , it was USB Flash drive, it is 8 Gig, there was insufficient room for all the data.

When I tried it, this is the message I got! This knockback lead me to switch to a portable hard drive.

easy tran space prob

Now what can you transfer?

The list is fairly comprehensive. Using Windows Easy Transfer you can choose to move the following:

  • user accounts
  • documents
  • music
  • pictures
  • e-mail
  • Internet favourites
  • program settings

Note: One area of concern I had, related to e-mail. On checking Microsoft’s website on Easy Transfer, I found that all e-mail settings, contacts and messages from windows mail and other e-mail applications were included. What a relief! A loss of this sort of information was the last thing I wanted to happen.

Using Windows Easy Transfer

Tip! When you commence using this wizard, it is possible the User Account Control (UAC) may intervene. If it does dismiss it by clicking the Ok button.

  1. Click the Start button.
  2. In search, type windows easy transfer.
  3. At the top of the Search results box, click Windows Easy Transfer.Easy TR 1
  4. Windows Easy Transfer opens, listing the items you can transfer
  5. Click the Next button.Easy TR 2
  6. In the next window choose the method:
  • Easy Transfer Cable
  • Network
  • USB Flash drive or external hard drive

Note: I chose the third method.

7.  In the next screen, selectThis is my old computer”. By selecting this option you facilitate the transfer of files and folders into a file ready for transfer back into your computer’s hard drive.

Easy TR 4

8.   Next, Windows Easy Transfer scans the hard drive of your computer, looking in your named Library and in the Shared Items folder.

Note: By default, Easy Transfer selects all files and folders in both locations. As I only wanted my folders transferred, I unchecked Shared Items box.

Easy TR 9

Note: if you don’t want everything in your library copied, click Customize to access the directory tree and the subfolders. The illustration below explains the procedure.

Easy Tran Selecting and Deselecting

9.  When you have made your final selection, click the Next button.

10. Easy Transfer opens its next screen. Here you select a location for your Easy Transfer file.

Easy TR 11

Note: I chose Local Drive (G:). This is my portable hard drive.

11. Click the Open button.

12.The Save your Easy Transfer file window opens displaying the drive location and the filename for your Easy Transfer file. You will see the name of the file is highlighted in the File name box.

Easy TR 12

Note: You can change the name if you wish.

13. Click the Save button.

14. The next screen opens informing you that your files and settings are ready to be saved. This window offers a security option where you can password protect the file.

Easy TR 10

15. If you choose this option, enter a password and conferment and click the Save button. If not, proceed to the next step.

16. If you don’t require this option, click the Save button.

17.  Windows Easy Transfer begins saving your files. This may take some time depending on the amount of files and folders you have chosen. The next screen informs you the files and settings have been saved for transfer. Click the Next button.

Easy TR 16 completed

19. You are now approaching the end of a long process. In the next screen, Windows Easy Transfer informs you where the transfer file is located. Click the Next button.

Easy TR1 (18)

20.  In the final screen, click the Close button. The hard work is over. Your files and folders are safely preserved.

Easy TR1 (19)

Checking the location of the Easy Transfer file

Open your portable hard drive. In it you will see the easy transfer file safely stored waiting until you are ready to migrate it to your new computer.

Easy TR1 (21)

And another thing!

This is as far as I’ve gone. I haven’t performed a “Clean” installation of Windows 7 yet. When I complete this, then I’ll migrate the Easy Transfer file to my hard drive. In my next post I’ll cover this topic called “Migrating your Easy Transfer File”.

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