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One thing that I noticed with Windows 7 is the fact that it doesn’t cause nearly the amount of worry and angst that previous versions of Windows has. Windows Vista was a decent operating system, in my opinion, but it definitely had its share of bugs and problems. Part of the issues with Vista revolved around the fact that Microsoft had made some noticeable UI changes, incompatibility issues, sluggishness and installation had finally changed from a DOS-like setup to a windows-based setup (which threw some users off). I have found that, despite the changes in the user interface from Vista to Windows 7, Windows 7 seems to be much easier for users to grasp than was Vista. I also believe that Microsoft did one more thing to help users this time around and that was to increase Windows 7 Help.

I visited Microsoft’s website recently to see how comprehensive their help is for Windows 7 compared with previous versions Windows, and I was quite surprised. Their website covers a wide range of topics from installation and upgrading to even the smallest features such as changing ones wallpaper. Still, there will be an abundance of questions and helpful tips that will not be found on Microsoft’s website and it’s up to sites like this one to help users find their way through the new OS and assist with issues that can arise.


Help from Microsoft

A user can gain immediate help from Microsoft for their product anytime by visiting their help website. Their website is easy to use and contains articles, videos and a Community & Forum section to assist users with their help needs. The home page includes a Getting Started section for users just beginning their Windows 7 experience as well as a Top Solutions section for the most-viewed troubleshooting tips.

The Windows 7 Compatibility Center is also a big help for users trying to figure out the kinks in their software and drivers.

Microsoft Support, which is located on the help website, is also available for users who need specific help by email, chat or phone.



Help from

While Microsoft’s help is a great resource for new and experienced users, the help you will find on their website will mostly consist of general help on topics. Tips and tricks for making Windows 7 work the way you want it to and walk-through’s from users just like yourself can be found right here and in the Windows7news forums.



I thought I would compile a brief list of helpful of tips and how-to’s from this website that may help users with their Windows 7 experience:

Changing the Explorer Home Page

How to Keep Windows 7 from Slowing Down

The Ultimate Guide to Windows 7 Aero

Windows 7 – Your next WiFi SPot

How to Extend a Partition in Windows 7

Making Windows 7 Search Work Better

How to Burn CD’s and DVD’s in Windows 7

7 Ways to Make Windows 7 Faster

Activating or deactivating Windows 7 Features

How to Clean Install WIndows 7 From XP or Vista

10 Top Tips Before Phoning a Friend

How to Install Windows 7 to a VHD

Of course, this list is hardly comprehensive, but you get the point. For obvious help and help that you might not find on Microsoft’s website, you may find what your looking for right here. If not, check the forums here.

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3 Responses to Windows 7 Help

  1. Thomas November 18, 2009 at 8:28 am #

    I have recently had Windows 7 installed on my computer at home. I am now unable to get online. I bought a new modem, thinking that was the problem. I have been on the phone with my internet provider and the modem is working fine. If I connect to a computer with XP everything works. Some advice would be appreiciated. Thank you Tom

  2. Gary June 6, 2010 at 12:12 pm #

    I had spell check in e-mail with windows XP. I can’t find it in windows 7. How do i get spell check?

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