Your Guide to Windows7

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Windows 7 was released in October 2009. Many posts have been written about what a success it has been and how easy it is to use. That is all well and good if you are an experienced Windows user. You can usually figure stuff out any way. But if you’re not that experienced where can you get help, other than from the IT department or taking courses. Windows 7 provides a variety of  features that are customizable. Windows7 is not just user friendly it is user defined.

One simple way is to download “Your Guide to Windows7.”

This pdf file contains infomation about

  • gadgets
  • searching
  • Projector Mode
  • the new taskbar
  • problems step recorder
  • Aero Peek
  • libraries
  • Windows Shortcut keys
  • Aero Snap
  • Windows Troubleshooting
  • the Action Center

For sophisticated Windows 7 users, this will be a disappointment. For other users expect nothing more than a cursory presentation of Windows 7 and some of the new features that it brings to the table. In this short file about six questions are asked and answered, a sort of how – to. This is for users who need a quick introduction to windows 7.

Other Features:

Although the short file is a starter, here are some additional items to be aware of when using Windows7.

OS Kernel: Windows 7 is based on the same underlying kernel code of Vista there should be fewer compatibility headaches for those who make the switch.

Printer Operations: Hardware drivers that worked with the Vista system should work with win7.

Operating System Device Imaging: The operating system adds a helpful new feature, called Device Stage, which will bring up a page showing an exact image of a device you plug into the PC and give you access to all its capabilities.

Networking: redesigned functionality with the new Homegroup feature. Homegroups let you share documents and media, even with the ability to play music and video stored on one PC in the group on another.

Helper Applications: Useful applications are available that let you do things like organize and edit photos and videos, or to send and receive email, and chat with instant messages and video have gone. Microsoft has decided to let users choose for themselves which helper apps they want installed on their machines.

Here are some videos with guide information on Windows7.



Microsoft has provided a short guide to learn about the features of Windows 7. Additional features are discussed here as well as some guide videos.

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