Microsoft Patches 8 IE Holes

Today Microsoft issued emergency patches for Internet Explorer versions 5, 6, 7 and 8, the security update is rated as critical. The update patches 8 vulnerabilities including the one being used in the recent China attacks against Google, Adobe and several other companies.

The most severe vulnerability allows a remote computer to take full control of your computer. If a user enters a malicious website with malware using IE, they may become infected by the malware and allow another user to take complete control over the computer.

According to security company Symantec, this update needed to released as soon as possible, since they are seeing it spread beginning to spread rapidly to other sites on the web.

The new exploit is being hosted on hundreds of Web sites and Symantec detects the malicious HTML pages as Trojan.Malscript!html,”

Josh Talbot, security intelligence manager for Symantec Security Response

The pages contain a shell code that bypasses a warning dialog shown after downloaded file gets executed. The page replaces the code of “MessageBeep API ” so that the Internet Explorer process which attempts to play a beep sound will be terminated.

The end result is a malicious file is downloaded to your PC without you knowing, it’s no wonder that Microsoft rated the update as critical in their Technet Security Bulletin Obviously Microsoft are encouraging users to update their browsers as soon as possible, however they are also stressing the fact that users should be upgrading their browsers to Internet Explorer 8, the latest edition which provides “improved security protection“. Really people need to update to the latest version of IE, IE 6 is 10 years old and still holds nearly 15% of the market, and with that it has it’s outdated UI and as we keep discovering, a lot more vulnerabilities.

But I must say Microsoft are really keeping on top of issuing updates and patches for their browsers and Windows 7. Nearly every time I go to turn off my laptop, I see there is yet another update that’s been automatically downloaded and is waiting to install.

How do you think Microsoft is doing with issuing updates and patches etc…

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Source: Microsoft TechnetEweekCnet

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3 Responses to Microsoft Patches 8 IE Holes

  1. chieftain20 January 21, 2010 at 10:26 pm #

    Yeah I noticed that patch when I was working on my VMWare for my Microsoft Exchange class. Another reason I only use Firefox.

  2. Rejoice January 22, 2010 at 10:53 am #

    use Internet explorer 8 because it supports all the sites. but fozilla is limited in supporting various sites…….. we can view all sites with more clarity than in IE 8 rather than mozilla firefox…

    • chieftain20 January 22, 2010 at 4:18 pm #

      What kind of sites are more clear on IE8 than Firefox? I haven’t yet came across a site that Firefox couldn’t display properly, and does IE8 feature an add-on like ADBlock Plus? My numerous sites I go to and has ads (including this site) I’m able to block them. And can you also change the interface looks?

      And what makes IE8 better anyway? I dislike the interface. Instead of having the bookmarks come in on a sidebar like thing, I prefer Firefox’s new window option along with the ability to search it and have the ability to filter it.

      Go ahead and keep using your ‘awesome’ IE8 and stop being a troll.

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