How About A Meal In The Windows 7 Restaurant?

Don’t worry if you had to stop and re-read the title of this post, because I’m sure your not alone. It may sound a bit odd, in fact it’s somewhat disturbing, but yes,  Microsoft Taiwan has opened up a Windows 7 themed restaurant called ” Hot Fried 77″

Ye this is no joke, you may remember the Windows 7 Whopper, the heart stopping burger with 7 different patties? Well Microsoft Taiwan are building on it’s success and are going to whole way and opening up a Windows 7 Themed restaurant to celebrate the success of Windows 7.

Microsoft Taiwan and famous seafood restaurant worked together for 7 dishes featuring Windows 7. You can only get a taste of one $77 dish every day and it’s only available for a limited time period of two months.

Now I’m not exactly sure what Windows 7 and a stir fry have in common, but maybe some of our readers could come up with a valid explanation for me?

From what I’ve read about the dishes, there’s nothing out of the ordinary about them. It’s regular food that you get in Taiwan, just with a $77 ($2.50)  Taiwan dollar price tag.

I wonder if Steve Ballmer will pay a visit to it for a meal?



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