Parallels Windows 7 Upgrade Tool Makes Upgrading Easy

While Windows 7 is becoming more and more popular among consumers and businesses, the harsh reality is that Windows Vista and Windows XP are still installed on more machines. Of course Microsoft wants everyone to upgrade from its older OS’s to the latest and they have provided several guides and hints on how to do this, but for some reason people are still struggling with the upgrade process.

Upgrading can be a daunting task for users running Windows XP only programs as there is no guarantee that the older programs will work with Windows 7. Also Microsoft haven’t offered any official line of upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7. This is where Parallels comes in.

Parallels have now announced that they are ready to offer their latest product for sale now to help with the migration from Windows XP and Windows Vista to Windows 7. They use virtualization to help make the update process from older operating systems to Windows 7 as pain free as possible.

The new software, dubbed “Parallels Desktop Upgrade to Windows 7”, will be available from Amazon and Parallels from May 31. It will sell for a suggested price of $49.99, including a high-speed USB transfer cable, or $39.99 without the cable.

Since there is no upgrade path from Windows XP to Windows 7, a clean install is generally required, which means you have to back up and transfer all your data and settings to external storage. Parallels however takes care of all this for you and carry out the whole process automatically. Once it’s done you should have all your old files, settings and even Windows XP programs will be adapted to run on Windows 7.

With Windows Vista the upgrade process isn’t as tricky but Parallels just makes it that bit easier by backing up and restoring all your data and settings for you.

According to Kim Johnston, Parallels’ vice president of consumer and small business marketing,

“Ninety percent of customers haven’t upgraded yet,” and “This is a perfect solution for them.”

So for all of you who refuse to upgrade to Windows 7 because it’s too difficult, you now have no excuse! If you can’t do it yourself, Parallels will.


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One Response to Parallels Windows 7 Upgrade Tool Makes Upgrading Easy

  1. Jkim September 28, 2010 at 3:42 pm #

    I liked parallels but it didn’t meet all my needs and a couple of my apps were buggy after the process. I just tried this new software from Prowess called SmartMigrate and it’s pretty slick.

    I like the virtual machine option because it maintains everything exactly the way I had it setup on XP.

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