Follow up: Microsoft Responds to Google’s Move From Windows 7

I reported yesterday that Google was moving away from Windows7 PC at their home site and using Mac or Linux based PC’s instead. The primary reason given by Google was the security concerns it had about Windows7.

To recap, Google was attacked earlier this year from hackers in China. Several secret and important pieces of code and information were compromised.  Google took this incident very seriously, as you would expect.  See: New approach to China.

Now Google is taking the additional step of removing Windows7 based PC from their offices. Linux or Mac will be available to their employees, and only with permission from higher ups will Windows 7 based pc’s be available. See Google Moving Away from Windows 7.

How did the attack occur? Apparently it was people, not the program itself. Reportedly the attack was successful because a Google employee opened up an e-mail in explorer and set the cascading events. People, not Microsoft’s Internet Explorer vulnerability, was how attackers gained access to Google’s systems.

Microsoft has now responded to this.  In a blog post, Windows and Security: Setting the Record Straight, Microsoft basically said, that their size makes them a bigger target, not their program design. However, the post also details how the other companies, Google with gmail, and Apple with it Macs are just as vulnerable to hacker attacks.

This is an unusual blog because it admits that Windows7 is vulnerable…but so is everyone else! Readers are left to wonder how secure the product is. The blog says,

“When it comes to security, even hackers admit we’re doing a better job making our products more secure than anyone else. And it’s not just the hackers; third party influentials and industry leaders like Cisco tell us regularly that our focus and investment continues to surpass others.”

Let us hope so…in the meantime Google may be working against Microsoft for other reasons, that have nothing to do with Windows 7, but more to do with wanting it’s employees to get ready to move to their own operating system. Google Chrome, that is in the wings waiting to be deployed.

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One Response to Follow up: Microsoft Responds to Google’s Move From Windows 7

  1. Omoronovo June 2, 2010 at 5:24 pm #

    This is a misleading article. They are apparently (an unverified source from a single Google employee) moving away from all windows machines because a series of XP machines running IE6 were compromised last year. It has nothing to do with Windows 7, Google hadn’t even announced plans to update to Windows 7 yet.

    If anyone is out there running XP with IE6, this was a wake up call to update – even Google can get compromised with an unpatched system. Google (like always) appears to just be looking for a scapegoat, and what better if it hurts one of their competitors at the same time?

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