HP Launch Multi-Touch Windows 7 Tablet TouchSmart 600 PC

Touch has been all the rage since Apple launched the iPhone and the next 12 months will see a number of new touch PCs and devices hit the market, including several running Windows 7.  HP have launched a serious touch PC contender in the HP TouchSmart 600, which has a slim form factor and is a convertible tablet PC.

The HP TouchSmart 600 promises accurate fingertip responses thanks to ‘capacitive touch’ technology, up to eight hours standby time and comes with a whopping 23″ 1080P Full HD display so don’t expect to put this on your lap or to rival an Apple iPad.  Prices for the HP TouchSmart 600 start at £1,000, placing it squarely against PC users rather than laptop users.


From the video you can see that the HP TouchSmart 600 supports multi-touch, with zoom in/out, rotate, scroll, move with a pinch, twist, flick ad drag gesturs all suported.  For when a finger won’t suffice, a digital pen is also included allowing handwritten notes, diagrams and annotations.

“HP has been developing touch expertise over four generations of tablet PCs and our touch technology has already transformed the way users interact with their notebooks. This is our most sophisticated and versatile machine to date and continues to build on our heritage of innovation in touch technology.”  Charl Snyman, vice president and general manager for HP Personal Systems Group  (EMEA).

Would you replace your family PC with a Touch PC?

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One Response to HP Launch Multi-Touch Windows 7 Tablet TouchSmart 600 PC

  1. Windows20 July 3, 2010 at 7:04 pm #

    My grandma already had this HP TouchSmart Windows 7 computer. This Touchsmart was already launched way back then. Unless, this is an update version.

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