Windows Live Mail – New Version

First of all, what is Windows Live Mail?

Windows Live Mail is a free, downloadable e-mail program that allows you to access e-mail from several e-mail accounts localizing them all in one place. When you install Windows Live Mail all existing accounts, settings, and e-mail messages are automatically imported into Windows Live Mail.

While the earlier version of Windows Live Mail was a complete email reader, the new version, Windows Live Mail Beta has added new dimensions to an already good e-mail reader. The older version’s interface was traditional whereas the new Beta version sports the popular and increasingly common Ribbon bar.

Below is a screen shot of the earlier version of Windows Live Mail.

Earlier Version of Windows Live Mail

This is the new look for Windows Live Mail Beta.

The New Look Windows Live Mail Beta

How do you get Windows Live Mail Beta?

To do this you need to access Windows Live Essentials Beta. This is their web address:

Windows Live Essentials Download Site

When you click the Download Now button, the File Download window opens. Here you can choose Run or Save.

  1. Choose Run.
  2. The file “wlsetup-webc.exe” downloads.
  3. The User Account Control intervenes. Click Yes.
  4. Next the Windows Live Beta window opens. In it there are nine offerings – Photo Gallery, Mail, Movie Maker, Messenger, Write, Family Safety, Bing, Messenger Companion and Sync.
  5. You will be asked to check the programs you want. Be aware the actual installation process takes an inordinate amount of time but the long wait is well worth it.

Note:  The latter, Sync, has the potential to cause problems. For more on this problem check out Mike Halsey’s article Windows Live Sync Beta: the good, the bad and the bug.  Mike has strong reservations about the value of this feature.

Note: Personally, I never bother with these programs – Messenger (I find this too intrusive), Writer, Messenger Companion, Family Safety (my kids have left home) and now Sync given Martin’s concerns.  

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2 Responses to Windows Live Mail – New Version

  1. Ariel Castellanos July 12, 2010 at 5:45 pm #


  2. Arwen94 July 15, 2010 at 10:23 am #

    I tried it and agree it has potential. I had to go back to the release version, however, because of the format problems I experienced. In Windows Live mail, I can respond to an email on a line to line basis with my chosen font and color preferences. I could not do this consistantly with the beta. Most of the time, it forced me to respond on either the top or bottom of the message to which I was responding.

    I hope this bug will be dealt with in the release candidate since I think the beta has real promise!

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