Image of Windows Phone 7 Cloud Companion Service Appears

An image has appeared online at showing the companion cloud service for Windows Phone 7, the services are the same as for the current MyPhone service, but carry a Windows Phone 7 accent.  The screenshot shows features that will prove very useful for anyone who ever loses their phone (even if its just under a pile of towels in the airing cupboard where mine once ended up).

You can use the website to view the approximate location on a map, though it’s not clear whether this will use just your cellular signal or a combination of that and GPS.

You will also be able to make it ring and even lock it so that nobody else can use it, displaying a message on the screen asking for the phone to be returned to you.  This is all very useful.

Finally there’s the expected option of being able to securely and completely wipe the phone’s memory and installed memory card.

With modern smartphones being such a target for thieves, services like this that can easily and quickly be accessed from any internet connected device are invaluable.  I’m certain that Windows Phone 7 devices will be equally, if not more desirable to thieves than Apple’s iPhone.

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2 Responses to Image of Windows Phone 7 Cloud Companion Service Appears

  1. Iwillnotsay September 4, 2010 at 3:56 pm #

    how do you wipe a nonexistent memory card
    i thought windows phone7 did not allow memory cards

  2. Stephen September 4, 2010 at 7:56 pm #

    Congratulations – you’ve just leaked the existing features of the Microsoft My Phone service that Windows Mobile customers already have (and use). The service had been around since October 2009.


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