Change The Color Of The Windows 7 Taskbar

I can tell from personal experience that the Windows 7 taskbar has improved the way I interact with the operating system. Before Windows 7, I had to use desktop shortcuts, the start menu, Windows Explorer or application launchers to start programs. With Windows 7, I was able to place the most accessed programs right in the taskbar, to start them with a click of the mouse button.

Microsoft has also changed how themes are handled in the operating system. And with themes I refer to basic themes, not the advanced themes that require system file patching. It has become easier to create, use and distribute themes, as you can see in our Windows 7 themes gallery.

Changing a theme, changes desktop elements that cannot be modified individually; And one of those elements is the taskbar. If you change the theme, the taskbar may change colors as well, depending on how the theme was configured.

I would like to introduce two different options to change the color of the taskbar.

Windows 7 Taskbar Color Changer

The .net application requires the Microsoft .net Framework 4.0 to be installed.

taskbar color changer

taskbar color changer

The color of the taskbar can be changed by clicking on the Random button, which selects a random color, or by clicking on the color directly, to open the color selection window of the operating system. Please note that the changes can only be applied if Windows Aero is enabled. It throws an error message if a basic theme is used.

taskbar color

taskbar color

The taskbar color changer can be downloaded from the developer’s website.

Color Taskbar

The program has been developed by the same developer. It only works with Windows Aero enabled as well, and will automatically cycle through colors in the taskbar. It makes for an interesting effect, but unfortunately lacks the option to select a color scheme to use.

Program can also be downloaded from the developer’s site.

Do you know of another way to change the color of the taskbar? Let us know in the comments.

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