Microsoft Sues Motorola for Patent Infringement

Well, if you can’t beat em, sue em. Microsoft has decided to sue Motorola for patent infringement related to Motorola’s Android smartphones. Microsoft is pursuing a two prong strategy so they filed the suit in U.S. District Court in Washington and also filed a complaint with the International Trade Commission. The patents at issue relate to the functionality embodied in Motorola’s Android Smartphone devices that are essential to the Smartphone.

Mobile Laws Suits

The application operations include synchronizing email, and calendars and contacts,  plus scheduling meetings, and also notifying applications  regarding changes in signal strength and battery power.

Suing for the Gold

Apple goes after HTC. Microsoft goes after Morotorla. But in both cases the problem is not HTC or Motorola. Both Apple and Microsoft see Google as the real threat. Then Oracle sues Google for Java infringement.

Just imagine how they feel. Apple and Microsoft were present at the creation. But a startup that collates information, not even theirs, turns their world upside down. Apple is innovative. Google is innovative. Microsoft is big. Google is big. And the world keeps turning around questions and answers. Everybody has questions, but Google has answers.


Why all of this activity? Because Google is to IT what Julius Ceasar was to empire building. Overwhelming.

Last month, ComScore said that Android was the only Smartphone platform to see a market share gain in July; it was a five percent jump from April. So while Rim, Apple and Google fight for market share, its clear that the momentum is with Android right now…that means Google.

How these suits play out will take so waiting. It is true that the technology has be “borrowed” from one company to another. It is hard to see anyone stopping this. Apparently those in the know, understand the communications and radio and wireless theory fairly well and its limitations. Engineers don’t need to reverse engineer someone else’s product, they will duplicated it because they know how to engineer a product.

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