Windows Phone 7 Debut

Windows Phone 7 made its New York debut. Steve Ballmer introduced, what he and everyone at Microsoft hopes to be a killer product that will rival the Apple iPhone and the Google Android. Ultimately, the market will decide that fate.

What does the product now have? Not that many Apps right now but consumers can expect that to change any time soon.

What is happening is that there will be nine Windows Phone 7 devices that will be available. The manufacturers are Dell, HTC, Samsung, and LG. Ballmer says that there will be phones keyboards, phones that can play to TV, some with beautiful screens or very large screens and rugged for-the-hardest-use-type phones.

Ballmer explained that instead of one phone for all people, there would be different phones for different people. For example, there is the business-friendly LG Quantum from AT&T. Then there is the media-heavy HTC Surround and Samsung Focus. For T-Mobile there’s the HTC HD7 and Dell Venue Pro.
Microsoft hopes that the level of customization will draw people to their product. The attitude that they are trying to convey is a feel of “always delightful and wonderfully mine.”

In addition, the tie-ins to a variety of products already in the Microsoft warehouse, from Zune to Xbox, from Windows Applications to their OS, give them a launching point that can take them into the mobile stratosphere.
Thousands of developers will be ready to launch their own Apps, taking advantage of the large network of users that Microsoft can expect to buy the Phone 7 device.

Indeed, some of the remarks from major developers feel that there is relative flexibility offered by Microsoft. This is a change from the iDictatorship and Andoridarchy that is currently pervading the Mobile market.

Some third party Apps from dBay, Netflix, and IMDB made their way to a demonstration. But more will be available in the upcoming months.

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