Apple had their Shot at Kinect

I didn’t realize how much of a demand there was for Microsoft’s Kinect until I spent all day Thursday, Friday and Saturday running from store to store trying to find one. I figured that the Kinect’s ability to track the user and movement was more of a “game changer” to the future of computing than Xbox gaming, but I was wrong. Here I sit and I still cannot find a retailer who is currently carrying the device. At my local BestBuy, there sits an empty pallet where Kinect used to be displayed next to a cage full of locked up iPads.

Another company who may be feeling regret with regards to Kinect is Apple. You know, the company in Cupertino that seems to be churning out great-selling products left and right.

Leander Kahney from Cult of Mac is reporting that he had a demo of the motion-sensing technology back when PrimeSense was first demoing it and Apple was their first choice. Unfortunately for Apple, as the story goes, “Apple is a pain in the ass” said the man (PrimeSense CEO, Inon Beracha) demoing the technology. Apple apparently, “…had already asked Beracha (PrimeSense) to sign a stack of crippling legal agreements and NDAs.

Years later, Microsoft has the most exciting new technology in their hands and if early reviews are to be believed, this thing is a hit. PCWorld notes that Microsoft expects to move at least 5 million units by the end of this quarter.

As for me, I’ll learn from this mistake and preorder next time. I’ve had a chance to play with the device multiple times already, but I am interested in what other users think, so let us know what your experiences have been like in the comments below.

Sources: PCWorld, Cult of Mac

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3 Responses to Apple had their Shot at Kinect

  1. Rain November 6, 2010 at 3:01 pm #

    pc is king in video games!! xbox may be queen!!!

    current technology i am saying!! “based on price!!! “

    • Jared Lorz December 23, 2010 at 5:25 am #

      As a PC gamer for 20 years I’m afraid that the time has come to pass the torch to xbox 360 for gaming.

  2. JoseDaniel December 3, 2010 at 7:45 am #

    I’ve had a great time with Kinnect and everyone that tries it, has a great time with it and get shocked by the fact that they can control what’s happening in the game with their body movements. I hope more creative interactive experiences are achieved with this new technology.

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