Windows 8 Client Backup In The Cloud, Powered By Windows Azure

I have said it earlier and I’m going to repeat myself here: Job postings are one of the only official sources of information regarding Microsoft’s upcoming operating system Windows 8. A new job posting was recently discovered that connects the Windows 8 Client Backup feature with Microsoft’s cloud based service Windows Azure.

Here is what the job posting for a Software Development Engineer in Test reads:

The Windows Server Solutions group is under the Server and Cloud Division. Our mission is to promote adoption of Microsoft server and cloud platforms/products by using features that appeal to specific market segments. The segments we currently focus on are homes, educational institutions and small businesses. (Windows Home Server, Windows MultiPoint Server and Windows Small Business Server are our key product lines.) We work on a wide range of technologies to appeal to these segments – from kernel-level to native UI to managed UI to web services. For instance we have developed a centralized PC backup, extensible storage, UPnP-based router configuration utilities, a remote web workplace with a GFS backend and a simplified IT management UI. We are currently working on a Windows Azure-based service and integrating with certain Microsoft online services and Windows 8 client backup. Many of the features we develop have ended up in the Windows Client and Windows Server OSes.

The last sentence is the interesting one in regards to Windows 8. What could this mean? That Microsoft may include a hassle-free cloud based backup option in Windows 8. The job posting still leaves room for a lot of speculating. Will the cloud based backup be free for all Windows 8 users? Will it be included in all editions of the operating system? How much storage space will each user get for free, and will there be paid upgrades?

The integration of online backup in Windows 8 is an important step to improve the system’s recovery and restoration options.

Another job posting hints at the integration of online services such as Windows live with Windows 8.

Want to work on products that your friends and family use every day? Windows Live designs and runs some of the largest web applications in the world. We are Cloud Directory Platform, and our services are used by Windows Live, Office, Windows Mobile, Xbox, Bing, and MSN-branded properties. We are the backend of Windows Live providing identity (LiveID), contacts (ABCH), and social graph (SUP) for individuals and Microsoft services and applications. For the most part, you would know these as Messenger and Hotmail, as well as the entire Windows Live suite. We are seeking a highly motivated individual to come join our team and pour passion and talent into building some of the most used services on the planet. We are a growing team with a strategic and highly visible charter helping to build and operate some of Microsoft’s most strategic Internet assets. Our service supports hundreds of millions of users, who exchange billions of instant messages, photos and email each day, and store billions of contact relationships in our service. We live the life of “software and a service” every day, at high scale and you will play a pivotal role as we integrate our online services with Windows 8.

It should be clear from those two job postings that Microsoft plans to offer more cloud based and online services for the Windows 8 operating system. (via)

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6 Responses to Windows 8 Client Backup In The Cloud, Powered By Windows Azure

  1. SpiderDan November 8, 2010 at 11:38 am #

    Pfft… Great idea in theory, but If you live in Aus then it’ll take you three years to get that much data up to the cloud anyway… So worth it? Not for us anyway.

  2. scandal November 9, 2010 at 5:23 pm #

    very nice microsoft, with my 256kbit up load rate itll take till windows 12 it’s out i wanna know detaild besides could computing, hardware compatibility the end once in for all of NTFS and better multicore thread management, also no more fancy aero, just a stable interface like windows 7 with aero off and YES bloatware from hp and those companies not able to even install, nero 10, adobe premiere and those too, also no more 32 bit software it’s time to end the 32 bit programs once in for all

    • Miao Yao November 26, 2010 at 6:41 pm #

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  3. cloudberryman November 13, 2010 at 12:08 am #

    There is already an option to backup data to cloud storage powered by Amazon S3 and Windows Azure. Check out CloudBerry Backup . Besides, there is no proprietary data format and you can access your data using other Amazon s3 and Azure tools.

  4. SourceFloat December 1, 2010 at 1:55 pm #

    Does mean that Windows 8 may move to more of a subscription based model for services like this?

  5. Mike December 5, 2010 at 8:39 pm #

    Client Backup to Cloud ?, I disagreed that it. Because we have strong a NZL Privacy Act 1993. However the Cloud would be leak security for personal documents or family photo are privacy act. I recommend the Backup System & Software into Personal Backup Portable are safety than Cloud. One day Cloud system would be big crash and loss the backup or infection if virus attack.

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