Microsoft Releases Narnia And Snow Angel Windows 7 Themes

Microsoft has just released two new Windows 7 themes to the official Windows 7 Personalization Gallery. The two new themes are available for direct download and installation on the website.

The themes can be installed by downloading the linked file with the themepack extension to the computer running Windows 7. It is then installed on the system with a double-click on the downloaded file.

Narnia Dawn Treader is the first theme that has been released alongside the new Narnia movie that is currently airing in cinemas around the world. The theme consists of six Narnia wallpapers that you see below.

[download id=”56″ format=”7″]

[download id=”57″ format=”7″]

The second theme is called Snow Angels, and I’m not sure if this can be linked to a movie, comic, book or something like that, or if it is just a collection of snow angel wallpapers. Please let us know if you know more about the second theme.

[download id=”54″ format=”7″]

[download id=”55″ format=”7″]

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One Response to Microsoft Releases Narnia And Snow Angel Windows 7 Themes

  1. Max January 31, 2011 at 1:21 am #

    I would like more of the snow angels background pictures. They are simply beautiful.

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