Yahoo Finally Fixes their IMAP Email System

You will probably remember the, now famous, Windows Phone data leaking issue.  This was eventually traced to a fault with Yahoo!’s email service and its implementation of the IMAP protocols.  Microsoft investigated the issue and said it was working with Yahoo to resolve the problem.

At the time Raphael Rivera of Within Windows demonstrated that the problem clearly didn’t lay at Microsoft’s door as he was able to prove the error also occurred on the iPhone.  The difference was that Apple’s IMAP system on the phone wasn’t as susceptible to the Yahoo! error as Windows Phone had been.

Now Raphael is reporting that Yahoo! have finally fixed the IMAP error on their servers.  He’s been checking Yahoo!’s servers every few days and now says the problem is no longer there.

He says…

To quickly summarize, whenever a smartphone checked for new Yahoo mail, the server would transmit more information than needed. While not a huge problem on desktops connected to broadband, it was huge in the mobile space.  Today, I was pleasantly surprised to see they had upgraded from 0.7.65_12.286037 to 0.7.65_14.298026 fixing the issue.

Microsoft will also have been implementing fixes to ensure that other IMAP email systems won’t be able to cause a data leak on Windows Phone in the way they did with Yahoo!  The company is being too slow to release any patches however and it’s also taken Yahoo! a very long time to repair this problem.

We can only hope this is the last we hear of data leakage on Windows Phone or on any other mobile platform.

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