Microsoft and RIM Working to add a Blackberry Hosting Service

Microsoft and (Research in Motion) RIM will be announcing a new hosting service for Blackberry Enterprise customers using Exchange 2010 Online. This is Microsoft’s hosted Exchange e-mail service.

What does the Hosted Blackberry service provide?

It offers the most commonly requested BlackBerry capabilities, which are wireless access to e-mail, calendar, tasks and contacts with global address list (GAL) integration, and device management such as device wipe and password reset.

At a cost of  $10.00 a month, Microsoft offers a hosted Hosted Blackberry Enterprise Service (BES) . However, the new hosted BES offering will be free for existing Hosted BES users.

Office 365

The expected release date for the Hosted BES offering’s is June 30. Apparently, it may coincide with the launching its Office 365 cloud platform. What is Office 365? It  is Microsoft’s replacement for its existing Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS) and Live@edu platforms.

Office 365 includes a four new SMB versions of BPOS; the standard or regular; an enterprise version of BPOS v2; a new government version of BPOS (which is currently known as BPOS Federal); and a refresh of the student/education-focused Live@Edu offering. All of these are supposed to be out by next year.

Once Office 365 moves from its beta status to final, however, there could be a delay in getting the new hosted BES service on the re-engineered platform. However, Microsoft will probably offer a stop-gap solution that requires some on-premises servers until BES can be updated for Office 365.

Microsoft also said that Blackberry will be offering a RIM-hosted version of the service for Exchange Online users later this year.

With the new service available to Blackberry, users will be able to access their e-mail faster than before. This also says that Microsoft is looking for partners for their cloud endeavors or operations. In this way, they can extend their cloud offerings, and the partner has some additional features to offer to their clients.

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3 Responses to Microsoft and RIM Working to add a Blackberry Hosting Service

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    I think it would be a successful collaboration. Both these tech-no-giants are looking positive.

  2. Virtual Server Hosting December 6, 2011 at 2:43 am #

    This is my first time to hear a mobile company going for hosting service. It sounds good for those who have BlackBerry then, do they need to do this because BB is slow in accessing emails?

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