New Windows 8 Theme For Windows 7

I’m sure many of you have been following the eventsĀ revolvingĀ around Windows 8 over on our sister blog windows8news. Those of you who have will know by now that we have got some primitive looks at the new Windows 8 user interface. Of course there is still a long way to go with it, but that hasn’t stopped several graphic designers from coming up with new Windows 8 themes for Windows 7.

The Windows 8 user interface that we’ve seen to date already looks much cleaner and more polished than Windows 7. Even though it’s far from finished Deviantart has got one of the first theme’s to transform your Windows 7 desktop into Windows 8.

Unfortunately because it is not an official Microsoft approved theme it’s not an easy one click install job which is commonplace with most themes.

[download id=”284″ format=”7″]

It doesn’t affect how Windows operates in anyway so don’t worry about that. It just makes it look a little bit more polished and refined, as well as adding the user icon to the bottom right.

  • It works on both 32-bit and 64-bit editions of Windows 7 (according to the developer 32-bit is better)
  • It is necessary to patch a couple of system files before you install that (more on that here)
  • It should work with all languages
  • Be sure to make a backup of your system just to be sure
  • Some reports claim that it doesn’t work too well on multiple monitors
  • It’s constantly being updated so be sure to check for updates over time

For the most part these themes are fairly simple and straightforward to install and shouldn’t cause too much trouble. But just beware they are not official Microsoft themes.

See here for all the download and installation instructions

More screenshots below

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    Beatiful theme.

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