7 Sports Themes For Windows 7

Today I’ve put together a great selection of Windows 7 Sports themes for all our sporting users. I’ve tried to mix things up from soccer teams,football and other sports. I’ve even got one for all you vuvuzela fans (more about that below)! Some of the themes simply change your wallpaper and color scheme, others will do a little bit more like turn your recycle bin into a football stadium as well as changing the sounds slightly.

Anyway have a look at them below and let me know which is your favorite.

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1. Boston Red Sox

For all you Boston Red Sox fans.

[download id=”187″ format=”7″]


2.Surfing Theme

This is a pretty cool theme, even if you’re not into surfing.

[download id=”188″ format=”7″]

3.Skiing Theme

I’d go for this theme because of the dramatic scenery in it as much as for the skiing.

[download id=”189″ format=”7″]

4. Barcelona Theme

For all you Barcelona fans, it even changes some of your icons to a football stadium and football.

[download id=”190″ format=”7″]

5. Detroit Tigers

For all you Detroit Tiger fans

[download id=”191″ format=”7″]

6. Chelsea Theme

For all you Chelsea fans.

[download id=”192″ format=”7″]

7.Vuvuzela Theme

Now beware, this theme can get on your nerves. Once you set it as your theme you will be overwhelmed with that world renowned sound of the Vuvuzela. It’s probably a great theme to set on someones computer as prank, they’ll be scratching their head trying to figure out where that annoying sound is coming from for a while.

[download id=”193″ format=”7″]

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