The DataCenter Is The Utility of the Future

Microsoft is not wasting time or money on DataCenters. These are locations where “Cloud” services originate from.or they go too. Unlike the Internet, which has no origin or destination built in, the cloud does. When an enterprise decides to put its services on the cloud, it is contracting with a cloud provider to have those services, like database operations, backup, redundancy, e-mail, or other program oriented operations controlled by devices at a Data Center.  In fact some of the recent problems with Data Centers, for example, like Amazon or Google have cause services to be discontinued for a period of time.

Microsoft, however, is making every effort to make sure that it’s data centers are online 24/7.

What are DataCenters Made Of?

Data is really a processed form of electricity. That is a bold statement, but it is true.  Christian Beladi of Microsoft recently made that statement.  “We’re part of this ecosystem: an energy pipeline. If you started from scratch, what with that whole pipeline look like? How does that change infrastructure? How can we deploy the cloud?”

The DataCenter research that he started with involved putting servers on a pup tent and letting them run for about eight months. Some of the features that DataCenters are implementing involve looking at how the rooms affect the data operations. So questions about temperature, humidity, geography, and on site power are under investigation. The plan is to find the range of variables that can affect performance. There is an attempt to understand how far reaching are the environmental boundaries. What concerns the datacenter researchers are how many servers can they store in one location and still have a viable platform. Also how fast can they replace downed servers in order to keep individual clients from suffering a data loss. Finally, they are interested in datacenter redundancy which means that if the datacenter goes down, how fast can they transfer services to another location?

Source: Microsoft

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