Microsoft’s LightSwitch to Launch on July 26

Microsoft’s LightSwitch to Launch on July 26. This program will give developers a simpler and faster way to create high-quality business applications for the desktop and the cloud. LightSwitch is a new addition to the Visual Studio family.

Create Custom Business Applications

Microsoft may not be winning the Mobile Phone war, but it is certainly on top of the PC war. With LightSwitch Microsoft hopes to let developers build custom applications that rival off-the-shelf solutions.  In this way, when developers want to pursue more serious applications that are not “Apps” Microsoft shows a way to do this. There will be pre-configured screen templates that give your application a familiar look and feel. There is prewritten code and other reusable components to handle routine application tasks, along with step-by-step guidance tools. However, if you need to write custom code, you can use Visual Basic .NET or C#. You can deploy to the desktop, browser, or cloud to share your application with others more easily without the cumbersome installation processes.

System Data Access

LightSwitch supports exporting data to Excel, and you can also attach your application to existing data sources like SQL Server, Microsoft SQL Azure, SharePoint, Microsoft Office Access (post-Beta), and other third-party data sources.

Lightswitch will also allow developers to create custom applications in tune with the way you do business. This will let developers build a scalable application that matches your current needs now and in the future. This doesn’t tie developers down to current technologies. Indeed, applications can grow to meet the technical demands of applications using the Microsoft Windows Azure Cloud Hosting option.

Extend Applications

The development environment for LightSwitch is Visual Studio. With this tool LightSwitch includes a lot of pre-built components .  LightSwitch applications  will support extensions for templates, data sources, shells, themes, business data types and custom controls. Get extensions from component vendors or develop them yourself using Visual Studio Professional, Premium or Ultimate.

You can compare Lightswitch with Visual studio.

You can download the Lightswitch Beta Version.

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One Response to Microsoft’s LightSwitch to Launch on July 26

  1. PaulPatterson July 12, 2011 at 10:01 am #

    Thanks for the update George.I am curious about the following statement,”…when developers want to pursue more serious applications that are not “Apps” Microsoft shows a way to do this.” What do you mean by “serious applications”? 

    From what I have experienced with LightSwitch, most line of business software requirements can likely be satisfied using LightSwitch as the tool for development. The plumbing behind a LightSwitch created application is built using design best-practices and proven technologies. 

    The deployment features of LightSwitch is great too. You are bang on when talking about how easy it makes to he process of deploying an application – a seriously economical means of getting stuff to market fast, in today’s web delivered services model.

    Thanks again, and keep updates coming,

    Paul P  

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