Windows 8 Wallpapers

Here are some new Windows8 Wallpapers. As interest is beginning to grow over the new Operating System, even Microsoft is not holding back. Build releases have made it out. Steve Ballmer officially calls the next installment Windows 8.

A lot of attention right now is taking place, although mostly rumors about what it will or won’t contain. For example, there are reports that Microsoft is bringing the Office “ribbon” interface and this will supposedly make Windows more  tablet-ready. Other reports claim that Windows8 will also get a “History Vault” feature, which is similar to Apple’s Time Machine, which gives users a simple way to back up and restore their computer’s applications, data and settings. In addition there is talk about is a system reset feature that will allow a computer to be reset to its original factory settings. But even if half the rumors are true, it will be an exciting product. Enjoy some of these new wallpapers.

Click: The link below to download the Wallpapers

[download id=”232″ format=”7″]

How to turn Wallpapers into Windows Themes – Read about it here.

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