Windows Vista SP1 Loses Support

As part of Microsoft’s continued efforts to get people to leave Windows Vista and adopt Windows 7, they’ve ended support for Windows Vista SP1 this week. As of July 12th, Windows Vista Service Pack 1 is no longer supported and will not receive any more security updates.

In a post on the Windows Team Blog Brandon LeBlanc made the announcement and encouraged users to upgrade to Microsoft’s fastest selling operating system – Windows 7 of course. However users can also update to the second service pack of Windows Vista and they will still continue to receive support. 

If you upgrade to the Windows Vista SP2 you will still continue to receive support until the 10th April 2012  however there still is more limited limited “extended support” until April 11, 2017.

“We recommend folks look at upgrading to Windows 7, which is the fastest selling operating system in history, selling over 400 million licenses to-date. Windows Vista users can also use Windows Update to update their PC to the latest service pack available which is Service Pack 2 (SP2).”

Microsoft publish the end of support dates for all their operating systems months and generally years in advance to give people ample time to upgrade themselves. Now Windows Vista wasn’t hugely popular and there isn’t that many people running it these days, however the bigger issue is with Windows XP which still has a large number of users, support for it’s second service pack ended around this time last year. However as long as users have upgraded to service pack 3 they will continue to receive support until 8th April 2014

So if you haven’t upgraded to Windows 7 at this stage, you really should or at least upgrade to the latest service pack for your operating system if you want to keep receiving security updates.



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