Windows 7 Helping To Even Out Tablet Market…Barely

This time last year Apple had a 94.3 percent share of the worldwide tablet market. There was no other real competitor and it seemed that the iPad had amazed the whole world. However a lot has changed in the last year, by the end of last month Apple’s market share had been reduced down to 61.3 percent of the market.

Now obviously this change was brought about due to the increased range of tablet devices available to the consumer. Even Windows 7 played a part in it…but it was only a very small part. Windows 7 has nearly 35 percent of the PC market, however apparently Windows 7 has only been shipped on 4.6 percent of tablets at the moment, which let’s face it, is not that impressive.

However as unimpressive as that seems, it’s still better than what RIM have managed who are trailing with just 3.3 percent of tablets being shipped with their OS. Also if you think about it, this time last year Windows 7 wasn’t shipping on any tablets at all really so it’s an improvement.

But I think we all know who the second biggest player in the tablet market is right now. It’s Android of course who’ve exploded from just 2.9 percent of the market up to a respectable 30.1 percent of the market. Since Android was originally designed to be run on Smartphones, it means it doesn’t have half the system requirements that Windows 7 has, as a result the tablets are cheaper and thinner to make.

As a whole the tablet market has grown by 331 percent since this time last year, so there certainly is a strong demand, and I can only see this growing even further. I feel most tablet makers will hold off on releasing Windows 7 tablets at this stage now and are probably waiting for Windows 8. It promises to be much more tablet friendly and a lot better than Windows 7 for touch controls. It will be interesting to see if Microsoft can deliver a credible OS that lives up to these claims and compete with the iPad for real. For now though it looks like Android are the only real competitors.

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One Response to Windows 7 Helping To Even Out Tablet Market…Barely

  1. Paul July 22, 2011 at 7:06 pm #

    Was at Costco today and they had HP’s WebOS device. Hardware looked okay and OS seemed responsive enough. They could be a dark horse.

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