Capgemini and Microsoft Partnership and the Azure Cloud Platform

The Capgemini Group, an international consulting company, and Microsoft announced a plan to tie the expertise of the group to Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Platform.

The Capgemini Group will bring third party expertise to make the Azure cloud platform more viable and allow enterprises to resolve any issues about how well the Cloud service will be. Because the Azure Cloud system is still in its infancy, there is still a need to demonstrate that the platform will deliver cost-effective development and deployment options in order to increase production and speed products or services to market.

22 Country Focus

The plan that both companies have agreed to will offer Windows Azure solutions across 22 countries focusing first on the U.K., the Netherlands, North America, France, Belgium and Brazil. Then the focus will be on targeted market offers across specific sectors including financial services, the public sector, and energy and utilities.


The partnership, at the inception, will do various things like:

It will start by training over 1,500 architects and developers globally on the Windows Azure platform.

Then they will develop a dedicated offshore center of expertise through building up the Windows Azure Center of Excellence in Mumbai, India.

Institute and migrate selected solutions to the Windows Azure platform.

Finally, drive ecosystems of third-party suppliers of Windows Azure-based solutions in targeted sectors.

What is so good about the Cloud?

Companies are always pressed to get the latest hardware or software. But economic realities tend to damper those upgrades or new acquisitions. With the Azure Cloud service, the Data Center on the Internet will have the latest technology. Enterprises will only have to sign on to receive the latest technology.

Various issues like supporting legacy operations, data backup, or receiving the most current format for an application can be introduced seamlessly.

Source: Microsoft News Center

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