Microsoft and ESPN Update XBox Live Entertainment

Microsoft and the Sports Newscasting network, ESPN, will be working together to update Xbox LIVE to provide a new format for viewing sporting events. This August 25, the two companies will be providing a new sports-user interface such that it will be possible to view two sporting events at once, plus there will be other features that will make viewing different and enjoyable.

Features of the new update:

  • My Sports. If you have a special or favorite sport or team, you can designate them as “My Sports.” In this way you can go to the channel bypassing any tabs or links to get there.
  • Mini Guide. If you would like to get an update and preview of the content of a game or event, go to the bottom right side of the screen to access it.
  • Split Screen. You can watch two sporting events at the same time with Split Screen.
  • Voice Control with Kinect. Can’t find your remote, and now you’ve lost access to your screen? You can fix that with your voice activation and control of the Kinect.
  • Scoreboard. For college football you can jump and get a score at any time.
  • Reminders. With so many game features to keep track of you can get a reminder by tagging games to set a reminder, such as when half-time is about to start or end.
  • Live alerts. You can receive constant updates about score changes, even when you are not keeping track of the scoreboard.
  • ESPN BottomLine. You can keep up to date on breaking news and score updates from different sports regardless of their location.

Sports enthusiasts should be happy with the new features because they will be able to keep track of their games and events…almost like being there and more because they will be able to see multiple events at the same time.

Source:  The Examiner

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