Windows 7 To Become Top OS By End of 2011

We are all well aware at how well Windows 7 is doing in terms of gaining market share. It’s long surpassed Windows Vista and is also well on the way to overtaking Windows XP. It already has in the US, and is not too far off in the rest of the world. However it’s anyone’s guess as to when Windows 7 will claim the number one spot.

Analyst firm Gartner Inc, is now sticking its neck out and claiming that by the end of 2011, Windows 7 will become the worlds leading operating system. It will be running on 94 percent of new PCs and on 42 percent of PCs around the world. They predict that the steady improvements in IT budgets throughout 2010 and 2011 are helping to accelerate the deployment of Windows 7 in enterprise markets, particularly in the US and Asia. By the end of 2011 they expect nearly 635 million new PCs worldwide will be shipped with Windows 7 running on them.

The statement Gartner released also said that the company predicts Apple’s Mac Os will be on 4.5 percent of new PCs this year. However it doesn’t expect Chrome OS, Android or Web OS to get any significant market share on PCs in the next few years. This is kind of obvious since those OS’s are more designed for smartphones and tablets.

Since 2008 Gartner say that Mac OS X has grown from 3.3 percent to 4 percent in 2010. By 2015 they predict 5.2 percent of new PCs will be running Mac OS X. The market share Mac holds varies greatly be region. In North America and Western Europe it is growing much faster.

Linux isn’t expected to gain any ground either, it’s still expected to be a niche for the next 5 years with its share below 2 percent. It’s just too expensive to port applications from Windows to Linux and the success it experienced on mini-netbooks was rather short lived.

It will be interesting to see just how accurate these predictions from Gartner are. Does anyone else agree with them? Will Windows 7 be king by the end of 2011?

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One Response to Windows 7 To Become Top OS By End of 2011

  1. Jeff August 9, 2011 at 3:57 pm #

    “Top OS” not equal to “Top Market Share”. “Top Market Share” is objective and based on sales numbers.

    “Top OS” is subjective and based on opinion.

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