Windows Phone 7 Can Now Be Used As Windows 7 Controller

In the past we’ve seen people hack Kinect and Wiimotes in order to control their Windows 7 desktops by any other mean other than their computer mice. It was really only a matter of time before we saw our phones being hacked to controller our desktops. Developer Arik Poznanski’s latest release does just that. He has created a driver which enables his Windows Phone 7 smartphone to control Windows 7 on his desktop.

It took him over six months to complete this little project and today he’s released it to the world. He’s managed to develop drivers which transmit data from the Windows Phone 7 accelerometer sensor in real time to a Windows 7 desktop. By making use of Windows 7 API’s which provide a standard interface for accessing the various types of sensors like the accelerometer, Arik created a software driver which transmits the Windows Phone 7 data to Windows 7.

At the moment there isn’t really much that you can do with it. But at least we know it can be done, and it’s probably only a matter of time before more developers start messing around with it and we see some real uses coming out of this.

Just imagine being able to play first person shooters on your desktop, where you can twist and angle the gun using the acceleromter in your phone, or navigating your way through twists and turns in a racing game. There is a lot of uses that can be found for this, it would pretty much be identical to using a Wiimote on your computer in a way.

For those of you who want to try it out, there’s instructions on how to do it on Arik Poznanski’s blog here. Just be warned it is still quite rough and isn’t an official Microsoft program.

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