Finding and Recovering Deleted Files

Recuva, a File Recovery Application

Everyone, from time to time, has accidentally deleted files from their computer thus loosing valuable information. Well your worries are over! Piriform has created a free application called Recuva that can recover most deleted files.

To help you on the path of recovery Recuva provides a Wizard to guide you through the recovery process.


Recuva's Opening Screen


Once the Wizard opens, click the Next button to move onto the next screen.

The second screen, File Type, is where you choose the sort of files you want to recover. Select the appropriate radio button and then click Next.


Choosing a File Type



The next screen is File location. Here you need to choose the location where the lost files may be.

Choosing a File Location

After choosing the location the next screen offers you the choice of a “normal” scan or a “deep scan”. The latter takes a long time to complete.


Choosing the Scan


After scanning is complete the results window opens. Much in this recovery program depends on whether the file(s) are overwritten. If this is the case well it’s “too bad how sad!”.


Found Files window


In the example above, the files are colour codes – Green is recoverable, Orange a poor option for recovery and Red has been overwritten, thus unrecoverable.

Select the files you wish to recover by ticking the boxes. Then click the Recover button and Recuva opens the Browse to Folder window. Here you choose the location for the recovered files.


Placing the found files

Tip!  As I don’t like losing my recovered files again, I usually create a new folder on my Desktop for them.

Click the Ok button. Recuva deposits the recovered files in the appropriate folder.

Files recovered

Finally, click the Ok button to confirm. You have successfully recovered the deleted files.

Recuva for Advanced Users

Some users cannot be bothered with Wizards. If this is you, and you want to skip using Recuva’s Wizard, check the box in the opening screen and when Recuva re-opens taking you straight into file recovery.


Advanced User Screen 1

Recuva defaults to Drive C. So if you wish Recuva to search in another location click the down arrow button and choose the drive. You need to decide what sort of files you are searching for also.

The illustration below shows you what to do.

Advanced User Screen 2

 Once you have made these decisions, click the Search button and Recuva gets to work.

I’m sure you’ll find it a useful addition to your stable of enhancement applications for Windows 7.


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2 Responses to Finding and Recovering Deleted Files

  1. Bob August 22, 2011 at 7:44 am #

    Why use a third party program when there are excellent file recovery facilities built into Windows 7?

    • Quocka35 August 22, 2011 at 10:21 pm #

      Yes, Bob but can you recover say jpg files from your digital camera disk like I am able to do?
      I am yet to find how to do it with Windows 7. 

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