SkyDrive Coming to Windows, Windows Phone, iPhone, Mac & Android?

According to a job post found by, Microsoft is looking for individuals who can help with the development of their Windows Live SkyDrive service. What’s interesting is that the job post mentions clients for Mac, iPhone and Android. Currently, users can access their SkyDrive accounts via the web app or through hubs in Windows Phone, but this job posting suggests that Microsoft is currently working on apps for SkyDrive and they appear to be coming for more than just Microsoft platforms. Here’s the job posting:

The Windows Live DRX team produces the SkyDrive client applications that fuel our customers thirst for stable, secure and available online storage. DRX is building experiences to deliver all of your content from the cloud and your devices to any of your devices anywhere anytime. Our team develops clients for Windows, Windows Phone, iPhone, Mac and Android. We are looking for developers that are looking for their next challenge to build the highly distributed platform and multi-platform clients for the SkyDrive suite of products delivered through Windows Live and Windows.

We know that with Windows 8, Microsoft seems to be going toward a more fullscreen, tablet-friendly kind of app environment, so it’s interesting to see how this is all going to come together, especially with iCloud on the horizon for Apple users. If you guys have never checked out SkyDrive, you should definitely give it a try. It’s essentially a free 25GB’s of online storage accessed through with a Windows LiveID. If you have an or email address then you’ve already got an account setup, so you might as well begin using your free space in the cloud.

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    Windows Phone may be the newest smartphone development platform

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