The Kal-El Chipset and Windows 8 Tablets

As the interest grows in Windows 8, there is some anticipation about what some of the hardware will look like, so Samsung, Nvidia, and Microsoft are due to show off a Windows 8 quad core tablet next week.

The rising PC/tablet wars are getting serious. The PC will always be the computer of choice at the enterprise level. But there is growing anticipation that the PC has run it’s course at the consumer/private user level. Why, because it is more convenient, and the touch technology that comes with the tablet a whole new way of interacting is in play now.

With that in mind both Samsung and Nvidia plan to show a quad-core Kal-el chip on a Windows 8 Tablet.

What is Kal-El?

Kal-El is a high performance chipset. It will offer five times the performance of current generation chipsets, the Nvidia Tegra 2. This comes on the heel of the Nvidia Tegra, which is a system-on-a-chip series developed by Nvidia for mobile devices such as smartphones, personal digital assistants, and mobile Internet devices.

Nvidia is using comic book superhero names for its chipset development models, such as Superman: Kal-El; Batman: Wayne; Wolverine: Logan, and Ironman: Stark.

When Kal-El as a final product is released, it will supposedly be referred to as Tegra 3.

Windows 8 Builds

A Windows 8 tablets build is due for release to developers next week. Kal-El has a release date sometime in the 3rd Quarter, and Windows 8 is due for release around April-May 2012 at the earliest.

Meanwhile Samsung is on the Windows 8 Bandwagon and in this case, it will offer some diversification to the Android tablet version.

At this point the Windows 8 environment is starting to jell, and by the end of the year some of the refined elements should be in place. This may well be the end of the beginning as the saying goes.

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