Samsung Tablet Expected To Show Off Windows 8 Tablet Next Week

Next week is when we hope to get our first real look at Windows 8 from Microsofot. The Build conference is scheduled for the 13th-16th of September and we’ve pretty much been promised a good look at Windows 8. There’s even speculation that a technical preview of the new OS could be released. Another story that’s been going around the web is that Samsung will be demonstrating a new tablet running Windows 8 at the event.

This new tablet will be Samsung’s first collaboration with Microsoft in terms of it’s hardware devices. Of course it makes sense for Samsung to team up with Microsoft, especially since Google and Motorola have recently just teamed up. Apple is also trying to demolish Samsung from the market by filling lawsuit after lawsuit against Samsung because the Samsung Galaxy Tablets happen to look slightly similar to the iPad. So by teaming up with Microsoft, Samsung are probably hoping to gain a bit of security as well as be one of the first players into the Windows tablet market.

Now many people are expecting this Windows 8 tablet from Samsung to be running on Nvidia’s new ARM processor known as Kal-El. It will be known as Tegra 3 when it’s released at the end of this year and it’s a lot more power efficient and offers a lot more performance. However conflicting reports have come in from Cnet. They claim that they’ve heard from reliable sources that the tablet running Windows 8 from Samsung will have an Intel processor inside it.

Perhaps the reason for this could be that Nvidia’s new chip isn’t quite ready yet, or maybe Intel has got something new up its sleeve? Generally ARM processors are more energy efficient than Intels chips, but they’ve been working hard to close this gap. They’ve a new range of power efficient Sandy Bridge Core i ┬áprocessors which will be used to power “Ultrabooks” which will be competitors to the Macbook Air.

It’s also been speculated that attendees to the Microsoft Build Conference will be given this Samsung Tablet for free to take away with them. That would be a nice little surprise and it would also mean that we’ll probably get a really good look at Windows 8 and a chance to mess around with it rather than just watching Microsoft’s carefully planned demonstrations.

So we don’t know for certain whether or not it will be a Samsung tablet, running an ARM chip or Intel one, but we shall know soon enough.

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