Windows 7 vs Windows 8 Speed Tests

Well now that Microsoft has released the Windows 8 developer preview edition for us all to play around with (if you want to know how to install it check out my guide) I think it’s only fair that we do some speed tests between it and Windows 7. For a couple of years now Windows 7 has been the speed king, easily being faster than previous Windows OS’s in pretty much every benchmark and real world tests that have been carried out.

But now Windows 8 is the new kid on the block, and he’s looking for a fight. Will Windows 7 hold out as the speed king or will this little upstart that is Windows 8 claim the throne even though it’s still in a developer preview state?

Well let’s find out then, there’s a whole post over on Windows 8 News where you can see the two OS’s battle it out so head over there now and check it out!

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One Response to Windows 7 vs Windows 8 Speed Tests

  1. Ganesh Raj February 10, 2012 at 11:18 am #

    Waiting for windows 8 Os for its tremendous features like cloud service booting performance etc, eager to use it

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