NPD Finds That People Just Don’t Know Much About Windows Phone

NPD’s Connected Intelligence Service released reports today which state what most of us already know: Android is lighting the world on fire and also that people just don’t know much about Windows Phone yet. In a survey done by NPD, they found that nearly half of all smartphone sales are coming from the Android OS, which is insanely large.

NPD also found that Windows Phone needs more exposure. While 44 percent of users polled said they were considering a Windows Phone device for their next smartphone purchase, 45 percent of those polled did not know of or much about the platform at all. However, NPD’s Connected Intelligence does see growth and potential for Windows Phone:

Windows Phone 7 is showing potential and the Google/Motorola deal will drive some OEMs to widen their OS choices moving forward which may impact long term Android success.

Microsoft’s hope is that their recent partnership with Nokia and the upcoming Mango release should do much to bring Windows Phone up to par with the two smartphone leaders as far as feature set and broaden the brand so that more people know what Windows Phone is and how it differentiates itself in a competitive market.

It’s not news that Microsoft, carriers and manufacturers needs to do a much better job of getting devices and advertisements in front of potential buyers. The ubiquitous iPhone needs no introduction and Android is clearly in the mind of potential buyers, but the platform that needs to get the word out, Windows Phone, seems to be loved by most who have used a device and has an enthusiastic base, but that base is admittedly small. Microsoft has a tall hill to climb to be considered among the big players in the smartphone market. Gaining mindshare is just one of those steps. 

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  1. Tester September 22, 2011 at 6:13 am #

    WP7 is not that popular because it is rubbish and no one is bothered about it thats why!

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