Great Concept Art Wallpapers from Marmotte

Marmotte is a concepts design artist with a flair for color that highlights ordinary objects and sends them into a special place for observation.

Veronique Meignaud otherwise known as Marmotte (b.1984) is a French freelance illustrator living in Montreal. After two years of formation at the Emile Cohl Art School (Lyon / France), she spent almost five years working for the video game industry as concept artist. Marmotte is now working for several publishers and starting slowly in the fashion Industry.

Approach to Art

Here is her approach to design art:

“While creating a new piece, a lot of trained artists already have a precise idea of what they are after. The picture they want to create is like a set destination, and they work rigorously until this destination is reached. While technique and academic training are necessary in the creation of any piece of artwork, some artists feel they are sometimes trapped by these and feel a need to free themselves. This often manifests with an artist being bored by his own work, feeling that he lacks imagination … Rather than working with a set destination in mind, I like my personal works to take me wherever they want to go. Thus the destination is never set, it evolves during the making of the picture. This is the way I feel the most free, and this is the way that I feel my ideas won’t curb themselves to a limited space.”

Her style has come to the attention of multiple clients that picture her work for its dramatic colors. The clients include Computer Games Studios, Electronic Arts, Darkworks, Don’t Nod Entertainment, Spiders Games, Tokkun Studio, Hydravision, Gameloft, Widescreen Games, Etranges Libellules, Wizarbox, Nemopolis, Fashion Design, Nike, and Marc Ecko.


The publishers she has worked with include Wizards of the Coast, Ankama Editions, Imagine FX magazine, Advance Photoshop magazine, Milan Jeunesse, ActuSF Editions.

Video Tutorial

She has worked on a tutorial video for Massive Black, “Stream of Consciousness Illustration” is now available on Massive Black Download.

Beside this, her personal art projects are on-going, such as Kerogen, an illustration book that will be published by the fresh Venusdea label, which is directed by Barbara Canepa & Clotilde Vu in the Soleil Editions.

Source: Veronique Meignaud

To Download the images, click the link below.

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