RadioPI – Another Good Tool for Accessing Internet Radio

Internet radio stations abound providing all types of musical genre. In my search for another Internet Radio tool I came across one called RadioPI. To download this tool here is its website address:

Once you download it and install it RadioPI creates a toolbar on Internet Explorer. Be aware like many freeware applications it offers all sorts of inducements to allow it to take over Internet Explorer. This involves taking over your Search Engine and controlling your Homepage. Well, it’s up to you whether you let them (at least they ask for permission). So read the installation screen carefully and make sure you are in control.

Once you install RadioPI, it adds a toolbar to Internet Explorer. As you can see RadioPI’s toolbar contains its own version of Search.

RadioTI Toolbar

Now to get to the ‘nitty-gritty’ of accessing the internet radio,. Here’s how you go about it!

When you click the down arrow button on the radio tuner another toolbar opens. It contains six locations, four of which are to do with radio stations – Featured, Local, Locations and Music. The default window, Featured, lists any local internet radio stations.

In the Featured screen RadioPi adds any available local stations. It is very intuitive. It has selected four available Australian radio stations listed. If this screen displays the station you want, click on the Radio Stations icon and begin listening.

Local Internet Radio Stations


Searching For Opera

My partiality in musical terms is opera. This requires accessing the Music option. Clicking its button opens the Music screen.

Choosing the Music Option

If you are after a particular genre, selecting the Music button on the toolbar offers a series of different screens allowing you to narrow down your search. The next screen picture show you the sequence required to find my favourite opera stations, Otto’s Opera House. This involves quite a bit of searching going from screen to screen. Again once you find the station click on it and the music begins.

Searching for Opera

I’ve found this Internet Radio tuner useful and can recommend it to you if you are keen to access all those thousands of Internet Radio Stations that abound.

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