Windows 8 Already Being Eyed Up By Businesses

While there’s still plenty of companies still in the process of transition from Windows XP/Windows Vista to Windows 7, we’re already looking forward to Windows 8. It also looks like there’s a good amount of interest among IT Pros in businesses as well. Even though Windows 8 isn’t expected to be released until towards the end of next year, 52% of IT professionals are looking to upgrade to it.

973 IT professionals were polled by informationweek last month to find out what their plans were for Windows 8. As I mentioned earlier, a full 52% of them have plans to upgrade to Windows 8.

Out of that, 5 percent said they’ll deploy Windows 8 across their business as soon as it becomes readily available to them. Another 13 percent said they’ll make the switch at some stage within the first year, and 19 percent said they’ll complete the transition within the first 2 years.

Only 10 percent of the likely upgraders said that they’ll switch on an as needed basis. 24 percent of them plan to have all of their computers running Windows 8 eventually while another 34% said that they’ll have at least three quarters of their computers running Windows 8.

Of course there’s that other 48% who say that they’ve no plans to upgrade to Windows 8 in the near future. There’s no surprise there. Many businesses have completed or are in the process of completing the tedious process of upgrading their computers from Vista and XP to Windows 7. This is quite a costly process and there’s really no need for them to go through it again so soon. Especially since Windows 7 has proven to be quite a success to date. What’s more, most IT Pro’s are already involved with more important projects in their business as it is and just don’t have the time.

Another reason that’s holding IT Pro’s back is the usual one – compatibility. This is always a major issue when it comes to upgrading large corporations. Many of them have custom made software that only runs on a particular OS or their hardware isn’t compatible with newer OS’s . While Microsoft is doing everything in it’s power to support older systems, it just isn’t always possible.

It’s still fairly early on in the whole upgrade game, but obviously IT Pro’s are liking the look of Windows 8 and are interested in upgrading to it if they’ve already expressed these levels of interest.



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