Stop Windows From Adding “Shortcut” To Your Shortcuts

I’m sure not everyone has this little gripe with Windows, but it annoys some people. Every time that you go and create a new shortcut in Windows, it adds “shortcut” after the file name. While I suppose this is fine if you’re creating a shortcut of a file in the same location, but most of the time the reason you’re creating a shortcut is because you don’t want to navigate the long way to it. Hence the name “shortcut”.

If you’re one of these people who gets fed up with having to constantly rename all your shortcuts, this quick registry fix will sort it out for you.

First off go to your start menu, and then type in regedit to access your registry editor. Now you’re going to want to navigate to


Now as you can see from the screenshot below, there’s a item called “link” in the right hand side. The current value of this is set to 1e 00 00 00

You want to change this to 00 00 00 00. Do this by right clicking on “link” and select modify.

Now exit the registry and either restart the explorer or simple log off and then log back on. You’ll now find that all your past shortcut files will no longer have “shortcut” at the end if you haven’t already got rid of them. You’ll also find that any future shortcuts you make won’t have “shortcut” added to them either.


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  1. MHazell November 4, 2011 at 10:49 pm #

    Thanks for the tip Robert.

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