Windows Live ID and Windows 8 Sign In

With Windows 8, Microsoft introduces the optional capability to sign in to your PC with a Windows Live ID and, by doing so, gaining the ability to roam a broad range of settings across all of your PCs.

Working on a PC is about customization to a large extent. It is what makes you confortable as you go about your work or pleasure on the computer. So each Windows user wants to have the ability to set up and use a PC in a way that is unique to them.


But this can be challenging. For instance, in a work environment, shared PC usage is common and switching between multiple accounts can be cumbersome. The difficulties associated with managing multiple accounts often leads to the sharing of a single account on a PC, and a less personal and even a less private experience for each user.

Users are utilizing multiple devices more often now, and setting up a new PC can be inconvenient and time consuming. In Windows 8, Microsoft has set out to ensure that each PC user has a truly personal experience that seamlessly bridges their online and offline tasks, is simpler to set up and use, and persists across their set of Windows 8 PCs.

To do this, Microsoft introduced the ability to log in to Windows with a Windows Live ID that works across devices, apps, and services, allowing you a uniquely personal experience with Windows. Logging in with a windows Live ID is not required but there are advantages if you do so.


Signing in with an ID allows you to:

  • Easily reacquire your Metro style apps on multiple Windows 8 PCs. The app’s settings and last-used state persist across all your Windows 8 PCs.
  • You can associate the most commonly used Windows settings to your user account. In this way, the saved settings are available when you sign in to your account on any Windows 8 PC. So your PC will be set up just the way you are used to.
  • You can also save time with sign-in credentials, because now the same credentials are available for the different apps and websites you use and you can easily get back into them without having to enter credentials every time.
  • You can automatically sign in to apps and services that use Windows Live ID for authentication.

With this new configuration, Microsoft is taking the computing experience to a different level. While the iPad, and the iPhone have made their impact, this new login style will certainly show users that Microsoft can also provide a dynamic PC experience. Apple doesn’t have it all.


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