15 Brilliant Dual Monitor Wallpapers for Windows 7

I only realised today that we actually have no collection of dual monitor wallpapers up here on Windows7news, so I made it my goal today to go and dig up a top notch selection of dual monitor wallpapers. I’m sure plenty of our readers are running Windows 7 on a dual monitor setup, I often switch between single and dual monitor displays depending on what I’m doing.

One problem with traditional Windows 7 wallpapers is that they are only designed for single monitor displays and when you switch to a dual monitor setup, all it does is tile repeat the image on your second monitor.

But with these dual monitor wallpapers, that have an extra wide resolution, you won’t get that problem. However most users will find that they have to make a slight change before the wallpaper is stretched across the two monitors.

You’ll need to go to Personalize -> Desktop Background, now if you look at Picture Position chances are it says Fill. If you change that to Tile then it should stretch the wallpaper across your two monitors.

So without further ado, here’s a selection of 15 brilliant dual monitor wallpapers for Windows 7.

To Download any of these wallpapers, click on them and you’ll see the full size image on a new page, then right click -> save as / save image as


And of course if you don’t have a dual monitor set up, don’t forget to check out out extensive range of Windows 7 Wallpapers

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