Windows 8 Build 8158 Screenshots Leaked

A few more screenshots of a build of Windows 8 that’s closer to the beta build that we can expect to see in a few months have recently found their way to the web. The images come courtesy from PCBeta (Site is in Chinese). Now they don’t really seem to reveal a whole lot more about Windows 8 that we don’t know already, and even using Google Translate, it’s quite difficult to make out what they’re saying in the post.

They refer to the sidebar in the post as a “charm bar” and seem to think that it’s a new feature (this could be down to a dodgy translation) but if what’s written in the post is correct, this can now be accessed by going to the bottom right of the screen with your mouse where the current “show desktop” button is located in Windows 7.

There also seems to be an update to IE 10 which allows it to automatically update without disturbing you with annoying pop ups. But whether or not this will require a restart or not to complete the installation is unknown

Then the post seems to refer to the “Most exciting highlights of this function – Windows to Go” (Again dodgy Google Translation here)

I’m really struggling to make out what it is they mean,  here’s what the translation gives you

this appears not only to enhance the compatibility of the USB Storage Device, also incorporates Bit lock in which is very good (on Windows to Go details access to even the Blog,

Maybe you guys can make some sense of that?

I know this hasn’t really been a very informative post, but I just thought I’d bring you a few screenshots of a more recent build of Windows 8. Is there anything else you guys have spotted that’s different? I’ve also noticed Microsoft have changed the Metro UI colour but that’s hardly surprising.


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