Last Minute Online Christmas Shopping? Try InPrivate Mode

It’s always the way when you share a PC with other people at home.  You go online to do some last-minute Christmas shopping and the next person to use the computer will see and the websites you’ve visited in the browser history that, very helpfully, suggests websites you may want to visit again.  Sites like Amazon are even worse offenders, offering up all the items you looked at last, some of which you’ve probably bought for people already!

You can delete your browser history, or at least try to remember to do this.  Alternatively you can do all your Christmas online shopping at a friend’s house or at work.  The best solution then is to make sure that your web browser doesn’t store any information about what you’ve been looking at online and modern browsers do support this.

In Internet Explorer it’s called InPrivate mode, Chrome calls it Incognito mode.  When you use your browser like this it won’t store any information about what you’ve been doping online or what you’ve been looking at, which is perfect.  It also won’t allow websites to store information about your activities either so the likes of Amazon won’t show up your purchases to the rest of the family.

It’s easy to switch on these modes too.  In Internet Explorer click the Cog (Settings) icon in the top right of the window and from the Safety menu select InPrivate Browsing.  In Chrome click the Wrench (Settings) icon and then select New Incognito Window.

Useful for more than just Christmas, these secret browsing modes are also very useful at birthdays and for… I heard that!  Yes, it’s true that some men choose not tell their wives and partners about this particular feature  😉

So if you’ve got some last-minute Christmas shopping to do, and you’re going online to do it.  Don’t let your web browser spoil the surprise and use a private browsing mode to keep that special present a secret until it’s opened excitedly on Christmas morning.  Merry Christmas all  🙂

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