Microsoft IE Browser Update Plans

Microsoft has been losing market share in the browser market for several years now. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and other browser creating companies have pushed the envelope further and faster, and Microsoft has been too slow to respond. But that may change in 2012.

Microsoft IE Browser Update Plans: Automatic Updates

Microsoft announced that in January 2012, they will begin installing the latest version of Internet Explorer on Windows PCs automatically, via Windows Update.

The updates will be to IE9 for customers running Windows 7 and Windows Vista.  On the other hand, those customers who stull use Windows XP will get Internet Explorer 8, which is the highest version available for that platform.

Where will the updates begin? The automatic browser updates will begin rolling out worldwide in Australia and Brazil and will scale up to additional countries and continents over time.

Consent or not

The new policy represents a major change for Redmond, which currently classifies new browser versions as important updates. However, the update requires the user to manually consent to the installation before pursuing the upgraded version.

What if you chose not to upgrade?

Ok, some users and companies may resist the automatic update. If so here are some conditions that apply.

  • Automatic updates will not occur if you previously refused an update to IE.
  • You can uninstall an IE browser, and roll back to a previous version. That feature will continue to work.
  • The Blocker Toolkit for Toolkit for IE8 and for IE9 is available for Enterprises so they can block the automatic installation.
  • Microsoft has committed to making opt-out mechanisms available for future IE releases as well.

While this may be good news for Microsoft Browser enthusiasts, the update sequence is still slow when compared with other browsers. Microsoft has a one year per update plan. Google and Firefox have a speedier sequence, one every six weeks.


Source:  Microsoft Blog

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One Response to Microsoft IE Browser Update Plans

  1. kpreston200 December 16, 2011 at 1:52 am #

    Seriously think one moment.
    Why is it that I can use Firefox which is free and have a brilliant browsing experience that relieves me from the frustration of popups and ads.  Again COMPLETELY FREE!
    I don’t have to subscribe to some ad or popup killer service to get those retarded popups on youtube.

    Explorer 9 locks up on me, is slow and they allow pretty much every popup and certainly advertisements to the point I was avoiding certain websites out of frustration.
    I went to CNN and every so often the entire page will move down while I am reading and then go back up because of this huge irritating advertisement.

    The point is you pay a tremendous amount for windows 7 and iExplorer 9 is default.
    You are paying that fee for development and bug fixes I would hope.
    Professional programers.

    Sooner or later I gaurantee you Linux will over shadow Windows and for free if they don’t get on the ball.  I don’t use it now because of a couple irritations.  As soon as they get wine up to speed that I can run my games on it it’s good by Windows.

    They do it to themselves.

    Here’s a hint MS…Users and Consumers don’t want to be inundated with advertisements or they will go with any other way out.  Aren’t you supposed to enjoy your computing experience?

    You see Sirius is still going strong because no one likes commercials and they already paid for that pleasure.  Cable television hasn’t gotten it yet and if I had the money for investment I would take this country back from 8 hours of television and 16 hours of commercials.

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